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Professional Data Science & Finance Solutions

DeciTech is a leading company that specializes in providing innovative solutions to government organizations and the financial industry. With a team of experienced professionals in data science and finance, DeciTech has established itself as a trusted partner for organizations looking to drive progress and improve their operations.


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 Data Science

DeciTech has a strong track record of successfully completing projects with the American government, and has garnered a reputation for delivering high-quality results on time and within budget. The company’s expertise in data science allows it to provide cutting-edge solutions that help organizations make informed decisions, optimize their processes, and better serve their clients. These solutions range from custom software development to data analytics and visualization, and are tailored to the specific needs and goals of each client.


In the financial sector, DeciTech has a proven track record of helping clients increase efficiency, reduce costs, and improve their bottom line. Whether through the development of custom software solutions or the implementation of data-driven strategies, DeciTech has the skills and experience to help clients achieve their goals. The company’s financial services offerings include risk management, trading and investment management, and regulatory compliance, among others.



AeSecurity Assessment, Security Operation Center, Vulnerability Management as service for multiple commercial clients from technology, automobile, financial and healthcare industries.


Technical Program Management for multiple Federal and state government cloud migration projects which involved cloud migration, infrastructure and system integrations, cyber security services including authorize to operate assessments.

DXC Technology

Cyber security consulting services for federal clients which required to be authorized by FedRAMP and FISMA and state governments such as State of California for MARS-E authorizations and compliance.

NuPulse Technology

Security Authorization and risk management services included security assessments, penetration testings, web application testings, security control assessments and cloud assessments.


Cloud Migration and system integration projects for federal clients including USAC and FCC



About US

Hatice Halac 

  1. With a career spanning 25 years, Hatice has acquired in-depth experience in development and implementation of a wide range of data-driven solutions, including consumer finance and structured finance applications. Hatice’s work has included customer lifetime valuations, direct mail marketing, mortgage price elasticity, loss forecasting, stress testing, home price forecasting and credit ratings. She has worked at Fannie and Freddie, Capital One, and at DBRS Morningstar as Head of Credit Ratings Modeling before founding DeciTech. She has a Master’s degree in Finance from London Business School and a PhD in Computational Finance from George Mason University.

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