WordPress Security Services in Fairfax

WordPress Security Services in Fairfax

Every website owner should consider their website security as an important topic. Every week, Google basically blacklists around 50, 000 phishing websites and 20, 000 malware websites. If you want to keep running your website, then you have to make sure that you are following great security practices.

WordPress itself has a very secure software at its core. Website security is not just about eliminating potential hackers and threats, it is also about risk reduction.

Want to improve your WordPress security? Then here are the best practices that you should know.

Update WordPress Regularly

Minor update installations, as well as major ones, should be maintained all the time. The new patches and bug fixes can have a big impact in the long run. If you are unsure on whether your website has the latest update, there are WordPress Security Services in Fairfax that can provide this information to you.

Create Strong Passwords

WordPress hacking is very common. If your website is hacked, hackers can see information and payment methods of your customer. The most common hacked websites resulted from stolen passwords. Make sure to build a password that is different for your WordPress hosting account, databases, FTP accounts, and professional email address. Need help with setting up all these? You can always seek help with WordPress Security Services in Fairfax.

Subscribe to Trusted Hosts

Remember that without hosting, your website will never go live. Customers will not be able to locate your website. Make sure to find a good shared host provider like Siteground or Blue Host. They generally have a lot of installed anti-virus and other extra measures to protect their servers from malware and viruses. Remember that you are sharing your servers with your customers. Some neighboring sites may attack your website without your knowledge.

Do you want to get started with WordPress?

An alien platform can be tough for beginners. However, if you have the right team who can guide you to navigate the site, you can definitely create your own website in no time. WordPress Security Services in Fairfax is a great way where you can start working. You won’t have to know the basics of coding. You can create a website just by using click and drag.

With regards to the security, you won’t have to spend more money. WordPress offers a lot of secure servers, and there are always update to fortify the current security from updated threats.

If you are thinking that you are already secure, think again. There are hackers working every day to hack government websites. Even a website as secure as Facebook was hacked just because of a single vulnerability in the “View As” button.

Your business should have integrity and trustworthiness. Your customers should feel secure entering their personal details on your website. You can start now by getting WordPress Security Services in Fairfax for your website. You can do more research or contact a local security provider. Ask them questions about their service if you want to know more.