Web Security Services

Web Security Services

When you have taken so much time and effort to build a stable, reliable and monetized website then you know maintaining it is possibly going to be the hardest part. At DeciDigital we know how to handle your needs when it comes to web security services. You don’t need to be an online mogul to protect your website. More and more hackers are finding it hard to penetrate corporate systems and have turned to the loopholes in website code to do their dirty work. This is because vulnerabilities in web apps are easier to find and exploit. This is why you should look for a solution in keeping your entire site safe from cyber predators.

There are several ways in which your web security analysis can be carried out. One way is to source the problem from the inside. This means looking for loopholes from the code itself. It is often known as the white box in this scenario. Any flaws in the original code could lead to a vulnerability that can be used by outsiders to hack into your site by use of the applications in it. As time develops you will find that some of the security measures you had taken will be outdated by new content. New code had to be written or updated to protect you from this errors.

Another way to assess the dangers to your web applications is by looking out for external threats. This is often known as the black box. Your systems will be assessed in different ways to ensure that there is no gap for an outsider to use. There are different ways to carry out such an assessment and you can use the one that suits your web application or the different types of systems you run.

Some of the ways you can assess your systems is via having a detailed look at the application’s design, the networking, data warehousing, external data sources. Other aspects of your systems that are critical in the assessment tests are your authentication components and the mechanisms used for authorization.

An assessment would typically follow these steps

  • Decide on the assessment method to be used. You can choose between white box and black box or a combination of the two methods.
  • After this conduct an assessment of the possible vulnerabilities in the system.You can identify the different weak points by doing a manual and automated audit.
  • Once you are through, analyse the different characteristics of the specific weak points you have uncovered. Ensure you know the reactions to any of the actions undertaken.
  • Source ideas on how an actual attacker would use these vulnerabilities to take advantage of your application.
  • Carry out simulated attacks that would better help understand the cost of an actual one.
  • Review the web logs to identify that a specific attack has been carried out.
  • Recommend the changes needed to ensure the exploited vulnerabilities are removed.

Once this analysis is done you can now decide on the different ways in which you can fix your problems.

We will use the report at DeciDigital to ensure there are no future attacks and that you can mitigate a future attack even if it has not yet occurred.