Web Designers Washington

Web Designers Washington

The designing of a website involves three areas of expertise that need a certain set of skills. These three fields of expertise that are vital to website design are design; client side programming and server side programming. In order to understand website these three must be addressed:


  1. Design

Design is the creation of visual representations for the information that is intended to be communicated to the users. To convey this communication, some web designers opt to use Photoshop or other software in order to create the visuals prior to the inputting the coding into the web page. Some web designers may opt to go old school and use a pencil and paper and then go straight into coding. Web designing is very different from pure graphic design, the designing of web pages includes a combination of skills from user interface design, marketing oriented design or design that is based the knowledge of conversions and understanding. There is also a conclusion of constraints and possibilities on web programming; browser compatibility issues screen resolution distribution and many others.


  1. Client Side Programming

These programs include technologies such as HTML, CSS, Flash and JavaScript. The internet browser reads the code within those technologies in order to display the web page which includes interactivity effects, etc. Due to the fact that browsers interpret codes different, a web designer must then take all the necessary care to take all the main browser into account when the web page is being coded.


  1. Server Side Programming


This is the programming that involves performing calculations and requests on the server. One of the most common used open source server side technologies are PHP and MySQL. There are many server side frameworks that were written by web developers, the frameworks include pre-written codes that allows for you to use the built-in classes as opposed to having to write everything from the beginning; whilst the programme is being developed.


Washington DC as the countries capital, has some of the best web designers in the country. The numerous firms are known for how they had represented themselves online and or user experience of the company’s website to their presence on social media.


Although DeciDigital is a SEO service provider, one of the services that they offer their clients is website designing. DeciDigital’s services can easily optimise your already developed website’s presence online, however, the best way to ensure that your website is optimal is to have DeciDigital start up your website. DeciDigital can build up your website’s content, quality and settings in a way that ensures that your website is at the frontline of search engines and your business subsequently gains more exposure. DeciDigital has a high success rate with over 71 different projects running in Washington DC, you are guaranteed that your company’s website is in safe hands without having to worry about designing your own websites whilst also making it optimal.



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