Web design

Web design

In you have a business, you definitely deploy methods to reach out to your potential clients. Be it through posters or advertisements on TV, newspapers or through word of mouth through friends or relatives. This is all effective for a small local business. However, as the scope of business begins to expand, more sophisticated and advanced methods of advertising have to be deployed. In the world of internet, digital marketing is of utmost importance to reach your prospective customers.

And the first step to make your presence felt on the internet is by creating a web site. A website will need a web design that is a combination of stunning looks, speed, and user readability.

What does web design constitute of?

Web design is made up of the website structure, its navigation, user interface, SEO, content management and much more.

Good web design indicators

  1. Looks: The web design should be appealing enough to attract visitors to go through your website. With so much data on the internet, users just scroll over the website in one quick look. If it is attractive enough, it must be containing value adding information is the logic followed by users. Unattractive web design may make an impression that the business is not that well- established, authentic and professional.
  2. Placement: Strategically and logically placing content on your website will help the user find what he is looking for quickly. If the user doesn’t easily find what he is searching for on your website due to chaotic content placement, he will stop browsing and move on to another website. That is a situation you would want to avoid. Logically placing content will guide the user through the essentially searched content and lead him to action or sale, your intended goal. Give navigation more preference than overall look and feel. Indeed, giving the customer what he is looking for is more important than just pleasing visually with awesome but confused and broken flow of information.
  3. Speed: If your website is too slow, the impatient visitor will find required information elsewhere, instead of waiting for your website to load. Correct coding guidelines should be followed to ensure the website maintains fast speed and minimal execution times.
  4. User Interface: The web design should be such that it projects sharpness, clarity, contrast, alignment, typography, exciting color and proper font.
  5. SEO: Though one can include videos, pictures, and graphical interface to interact with customers on the website, content is what drives the website. For Google and users to understand what is that you have to offer and how you are addressing the customer issues, judicious use of space with valuable content is vital. Use keywords, which people will use to search your services, wherever applicable to improve website ranking in Google. For people to reach you, you have to be found.
  6. Mobile optimized: Web design should be such that it should work efficiently on all devices like mobiles and tablets. If your website does not perform well on portable devices, you are truly at a risk of losing business to competitors.

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