Web Design Company Fairfax

Web Design Company Fairfax

Web design are many skills and disciplines used in the creating and maintenance of website. There are numerous areas of web design which include web graphic design; interface design; standardised code and proprietary software; search engine optimization and user experience design. It is common for individuals to work in different teams in order to cover different areas of the design process although many designers are able to cover all these aspects.


Web design is relatively used to describe the design process with regards to the clientele side of a website which includes writing mark up. As web designers, they are expected to be aware of usability and also if their role that involves creating mark up. Web designers are also expected to be up to date with web accessibility guidelines.


In web design, there are two primary jobs that are associated with creating a website, the web designer and the web developer. These two-work hand in hand in the development of a website.

The responsibility of the web designers are the visual aspects is inclusive of the layout, colouring and also the typography of the web page. They should also have a working understanding of mark-up language like HTML and CSS. The extent of this knowledge will be different for each web designer. This is the case particularly in small Web Design Companies, as one person will need the required skills for designing and programming a complete website page. In big companies, there will be just one web designer that will be responsible for the visual aspect alone.


Other jobs that can be involved in the process of creating a website are Graphic designers who create visuals for the site such as logo, buttons and layouts. There are also internet marketing specialists that will help with the maintenance of the website’s presence with the use of strategic solutions on targeting viewers onto the site with marketing and different promotional techniques on the internet.


SEO writers that will research and recommend the correct words to then be incorporated into a certain website and work on making the website more accessible and also make it easy to find on various search engines.


An internet copywriter is involved in the creating of a written content of the page attract and appeal to the targeted viewers of the site. Another job that is involved is a User experience designer that incorporates many aspects of user focused designs which then includes information architecture, user testing, user cantered design and sometimes visual designing.


We at DeciDigital as a web design Company in Fairfax want to ensure that our clients receive an all-round service, we do this by ensuring that their websites are not only professional but they have been created with the best possible software; SEO strategies; user experience to ensure that your business’s website, the centre of the business is running as efficiently as possible. Your company’s website will not only be designed in a way that maximises it’s presence online it will also be designed according to all your visual expectations. Our goal is to keep you happy whilst helping your business succeed.


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