Using Social Media Marketing to Stay Ahead of the Curve in Washington DC

Using Social Media Marketing to Stay Ahead of the Curve in Washington DC

If you were to go out in public and take the briefest look around you would most likely see one thing:

Everyone has their face buried in their smartphones.

People are connected to these devices 24/7 and most likely spend the majority of their phone time flicking through social media. Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat, etc.

These are the apps that are commanding their attention at all times.

If you have a business in the Washington DC area and you’re trying to get your name and brand out there, then you have to tap into this and use Social Media Marketing.

These people have no time for flyers and rarely even look up away from their cellphones to see that billboard you just purchased. But they are paying attention to their Facebook, Twitter and Snapchat accounts.

Big businesses in Washington DC are already seeing this limitless potential and are tapping into this rich vein.

They’re using this Social Media Marketing to promote their business and build strong brand awareness. Many new businesses have been built from that ground up just starting with apps like Instagram. Their photos and posts go viral and before they know it, they have more demand for their business than they can even hope to supply.


Simple and Quick ways you can harness this power in Social Media Marketing:

  • Create an Instagram page. If you’re selling a physical product then this is a great way for people to become familiar with your brand and products but letting them see pictures of your product, what it looks like and what they can expect when they order from you. Maybe even some behind the scenes photos of your Washington DC operation to show that you’re actually human and not a faceless corporation like so many others!
  • Create a Twitter account. Twitter allows you to fire off quick 140 character messages or These are useful for giving quick updates to your customers in real time so that they feel part of the process. You can even show off your humor with funny images and relevant information/jokes. These tweets can then be shared amongst hundreds and thousands of people. Making your brand ever more visible.
  • Create a Facebook page. You can use your Facebook much like the other aforementioned social media apps. Your Facebook can be a kind of hub outside of your website. You can post up to date special deals and offers that your clientele can see and take advantage of in real time. You can run contests and other kinds of promotions with this wonderful platform. It can also be used to post images, videos, etc. A good idea would be a short, succinct video tour of your Washington DC office so they can see what goes on behind the scenes that makes your product or service so special. Again, when your customers see your faces and how real you are, you’re going to come across a lot more enticing for them.
  • Social Media Marketing can be stacked with PPC campaigns to essentially double your marketing output. People are already browsing these sites, put your ads up and bring them to you in droves.