Social Media Marketing

Social Media Marketing

It’s no secret that we spend a great deal of our time on our social media pages. Even for the most moderate user, sites like Facebook, Instagram and even Snapchat has become a large part of our everyday lives. So it’s no mystery why businesses are tapping into social media to sell their product. With billions of people constantly online you can get your product to them in just a click of the button. But in order to get the most eyes on your product, you need to know where to sell and how.

When selling on a social media website, it’s important to blend in with the language of the site and not be so brazen that you are selling something. Everyday people are bombarded with hundreds of ads so the less blatant you are the less likely you are from turning off a possible customer. A great way to curve the obvious ad is to use humor.

If you are just starting out in marketing in social media a great first site to take on would be Facebook. Plenty of businesses enjoy using the site because you are allowed to be pretty cut and dry on your page about your business while still reaching a large amount of people. A great way to incorporate humor on your Facebook page would be to use funny memes or hashtags that can work with what you’re selling. For example, if you were a self-tanning line you could post a picture of Donald Trump with the caption “feel like Trump but look like Ivanka”. When people see a celebrity name or face that will be a more likely reason to click then just seeing a run of the mill advertisement. Even if you get a bit of a groan from your audience a few may chuckle and share what you have said. Simply from that share if only for the joke that many more people will want to see who you are and check out your line.

As for places that rely more on a quick photo like Instagram and Snapchat, this is the time to let your product do the talking. Take your time showing of your product, make each photo look as professional as possible. If your product isn’t a tactile object, then show off your office area, let your audience know that you are a serious business that is only on the rise. Try to think less of these photos as something to put on a cheesy site but a documentation of all the work you are putting into your business.

The social media sites you utilize to market the more presence you have online for your customers. Take the time to update as much as you can, keep your customers in the know of what you have to offer. When you build a strong online presence you are showing what a reliable company you are and will make it very hard for people to ignore you. So get on the social media circuit and make your business be known.