Setting up an IT Infrastructure for Small Businesses

Setting up an IT Infrastructure for Small Businesses

When it comes to setting up an IT infrastructure within a small business in Washington DC has many components that take up time and are part of the role in general IT functions. Hardware, software and network sources are all very important in using operations within a business that is focused on IT.

Having a solid internal IT infrastructure is paramount for a small business that requires IT services and solutions for employees, customers and third party partners. It increases productivity within the business and makes business much more efficient to run. The minimum tools for IT infrastructure are communications, network security, help desk support, file sharing and hardware management – all of which play a big part in development of a business.

IT infrastructure needs to be efficient and realistic to the requirements of the business and the customers involved. The strategy needs to be long term and sustainable for the future running of a small business in Washington DC.


Hardware is a really important element of IT infrastructure and is a basic asset to have in place and set up. Deciding the platform of which you want to use, such as Windows or Apple as a main system and setting up a server and backup for data. It is an important investment for having a server if you have three or more work stations and will need to have a server in place – generally a practical server does not cost much than a normal computer and can accommodate many users that need to do small operations.


Software is another important element to considering as the operating system needs to be integrated and the network also needs to be productive and efficient with having the right tools every day in the office. Many small businesses require tools and basic software that will need to be used for standard tasks on a day to day basis.

Many basis software’s like Microsoft office or Google G Suite provide a service of creating documents of written literate and also being able to edit documents as well as share. This offers flexibility and accessibility to work together in the office and improve productivity.

Whether you are a small business or ecommerce business, there are many options for technology that can be looked at and analysed based on the needs of the company.


Communication’s most popular method in Washington DC and many other parts of the US are emails that is a key communication tool for small business that enables a two way communication system for both internal and external parties. Messages can be sent instantly with attachments and information with unlimited characters which enables flexibility and productivity within the business.

An important way to understand what email system will work best for you is to see how many customers are with the business and how many email addresses are required – based on your business growth and development as time goes by. Email is very important in small business as it ensures communication between specifically customers.