SEO- An Effective Internet Marketing Strategy

SEO- An Effective Internet Marketing Strategy

Search Engine Optimization abbreviated as SEO is one of the most successful internet marketing strategy. The kind of rage that internet has become today with e-commerce sites and social media sites, is that people are now turning more towards Google for help than their neighbours. You need a plumber or you need some advice on parenting; you can easily search it on internet. You need guitar lessons, why go two miles for that when you can easily get it while sitting at home. Looking at the enormous customer base that internet has opened the world to,that almost all business’s, big or small, want a part of it. But, is creating a website detailing your business enough to draw customers and generate revenue? Well, with so much competition in view it doesn’t seem so. And this is where SEO services come to your help.

Studies have shown that people do not read more than first 2 pages that a search engine comes up with. In fact, some browse only the first 5-6 links that a search engine query shows. Realising that these users are potential customers it becomes extremely important to be listed in that first 2 pages of a search engine’s result set. Applying techniques and strategies in such a way that your web page or website is ranked highly by a search engine is search engine optimization. These techniques can be applied by the website owner if he/she is knowledgeable enough to do so or can be outsourced through vendors who provide such SEO services.

Various SEO services

  • SEO Audit: Getting an SEO audit of your website is the first step towards building an optimized website. The audit will find loopholes and deficiencies related to site content, links, mobile friendliness, site certifications etc.
  • On site optimization: The recommendations that are made in an audit are then implemented on the website. These would include changing title tags of articles, adding images to your site while not compromising on the site speed, use of outbound linksand use of internal links (a perfect example to this would be Wikipedia).
  • Content development: The site should have high quality content and not just some content that has lots of keywords and links but is not useful to the user. Such content looks unnatural and turns off visitors. People use blogs as a way of attracting more visitors as blogs are mainly text which is well structured. Blogs are featured more in any search engines results.
  • Linking: When others find good quality content on your website they provide links to your site. This results in potential customers. But there are vendors who provide link building services which ultimately are waste of your money. Because, if there is not good content on your site then it will not improve the ranking.
  • Optimizing code: The code of your website will be optimized for better understanding (for machines) and better speed of your website loading. The code should be such that it uses less memory and functions rapidly.
  • Pay per click: Through this technique search engines are paid to display an ad related to your site when the chosen keyword is searched. This is usually not the preferred method to do SEO as people generally rely more on the unpaid search results.

The advantage of applying SEO services to your website can be calculated in thousands of dollars or more. If used correctly it can turn a loss making business into a profitable business venture.