Securing your Data

security is paramount

Remote employees are becoming the new trend due to the advancement of technology, making Web Application Security Services the most required and fastest growing industry in securing data. Remote employees increase global mindsets as companies employ staff worldwide, but preventative measures must be taken due to the risk involved in sharing sensitive data in real time, when employees collaborate towards a common goal. This collaboration takes place over web technology, a playing field for malicious hackers and scammers who which to gain access illegally into systems.

The challenge with web applications is that they are vulnerable to exploits and contain valuable information, making them a favorite target for hackers. Successful penetration of your web application can result in major security breaches, devasting consequences and even financial loss and ruin. For those companies without an in-house Information Technology Department, you may want to consider outsourcing a third-party company to secure your data.Companies that offer Web Application Security Services would need to perform various tests on your system. These are:

  • Discovery: Most organisations are not even aware of the amount of applications on their domain. A company offering Web Application Security Services would perform Discovery services which would address the visibility of your applications by creating a global inventory of all your public-facing web applications, that is, the international domains, temporary marketing site, international domains, to name a few.
  • Dynamic Massively Parallel: This is intended to identify the vulnerabilities that are highly exploitable by testing your web applications using lightweight, non-authentic dynamic scans. As a result, Web Application Firewalls would be fed security intelligence information and shut down temporary sites, thus mitigating risks rapidly.
  • Dynamic Deep Scan: This enables virtual patching by integrating the security intelligence information with the Web Application Firewalls as well as using authentic and non-authentic scans to perform a comprehensive deep scan to identify the vulnerabilities of your web application. This dynamic deep scan would also look for data leakage, weak credential protection and attack vectors such as SQL injections and cross-site scripting.
  • Virtual Scan Appliance: Of course, your applications that are behind the firewall, that is, internal to your organisation, should also be scanned. Excellent Web Application Security Services would not take the internal environment for granted. Internal web applications should be scanned to assess insider attacks, that is, malicious attackers who have gained access to insider user credentials.

Deci Digital offers Web Application Security Services complete with recommendations to make your web applications more secure from both internal and external threats. You can never have too much security and you can never be too safe. Web applications are increasingly becoming high-priority targets to perpetrators because of the sensitive high-valued data they can easily acquire if strong measures are not put in place to deter them or keep them out.

You also need to stay informed of the web application security industry so that you can better protect your web applications, and by extension, your web servers. Let Deci Digital do that for you. In addition to securing your web application services, they would keep you informed about the latest news through their blogs.