Quality Questions To Ask Information Technology Consultants In Fairfax

Quality Questions To Ask Information Technology Consultants In Fairfax

If you are thinking of starting a business, there are a lot of things that you can consider. The first thing you can expect is technology growth in your own business after a while. In that case you may have to get a hold of a IT consultant to determine the best move. For people in Fairfax, there are many information technology consultants in Fairfax and it can be difficult to choose which one to go for.

No worries about that though as below we’ve included a series of quality questions you can ask any of the many information technology consultants in Fairfax. It’s through these questions that you get a general idea of what they offer as well as whether they’ll work well for you or not.

General Questions

The general questions to ask information technology consultants in Fairfax is the same as any other IT consultant. You want to get to know their experiences. First thing to find out about any information technology consultants in Fairfax or any other consultants is how much experience they have in the industry. Furthermore, you want to know experience with small businesses in general, and also working with companies in your industry.

Some other good questions to ask is where do they specialize (hardware, systems, and software) as well as any certifications and how recent those certifications are.

Finally the biggest question is to know if they are vendor-authorized. What that means is their consultants are trained specifically to the vendor’s standards for properly working on their hardware or software.

Staff Questions

The next series of questions you want to be asking your prospective information technology consultants in Fairfax is staffing. The obvious one to ask is how big their staff is (smaller numbers means they may struggle to cover you in cases of emergencies.). That being said, some not-so obvious ones to ask are things like who you’ll be working with, whether there are multiple people working with you (and who’s overlooking the project).

Some other things to consider as well in your head is determine whether their personality works with yours as well as if the consultant will talk in “plain English”. What we mean by that is will they use technology jargon all the time or will they slow down and explain things in an easy to understand manner?

Cost Questions

The last batch of questions to consider is to figure out costs. They may have the greatest staff and be up to date with their training, however if they are too expensive for you, it isn’t worth it. The first thing to look for is how the consultant fees are all set up (hourly, flat fee/retainer, or they have a standard price per project) as well as payment terms. Some other things you might not have thought of as well is whether the consultant gets a commission from certain products or services from certain companies, as well as how they handle and bill unforeseen costs.


The last thing you want to do with any information technology consultants in Fairfax or any others for that matter is to look them up. Check the Better Business Bureau as well as their official website. Consultants are people you might not need to call up all that much, however you still want to make sure they work well for you and have your interests in mind.