Protecting your system from cyber attacks

security is paramount

With the onset of the internet and advancement of technology, the potential risks posed by cyber attacks are continuously becoming real. Hackers are becoming craftier in the search for opportunistic weaknesses that they can use to gain access into systems and obtain information that may be sensitive in nature. Penetration testing in Washington DC

This is one of the major challenges facing offshore employment today. As a company with numerous employees found in different locations in the world, the need for investing in a proper IT department complete with a knowledgeable team is higher now more than ever.

One of the ways in which you can determine where your company is in terms of internet security is through penetration testing. This process involves testing computer systems with the aim of finding potential vulnerabilities through which the system can be infiltrated.

It is an in-depth process that has to be carried out by professionals with thorough understanding of IT systems. This is particularly because finding the vulnerabilities is not where the buck stops, proper measures should be taken afterwards to ensure that these loopholes are well blocked from exploitation. A thorough clean up of all your internal and external systems and subsequent repair of possible cracks is the main reason why you need to take this test.

Deci Digital should be your first stop in case you are looking for penetration testing in Washington DC. With us you are assured of a thorough process that will involve several steps. The initial phase of the process includes planning and identifying all the applications and websites related to the organization and the domain on which they run.

Once that is done, a quick scan of the potentially vulnerable points in the system is then conducted. A deeper scan is then conducted in which the security intelligence information that was used as a corrective measure after the initial scan is further used to identify further vulnerabilities.

After the weaknesses have been identified, the IT analysts then go into the system to enhance the firewalls that protect the system from hacks from the inside. There are several types of penetration testing strategies that are available to choose from. These include targeted, external, blind, internal and double blind testing. These testing methods vary in intensity and depending on the size of the network and the potential vulnerabilities that may be identified.

In addition to fortifying your security, penetrating tests will also enable a company to have an idea of the options that it can explore to ensure that they stay ahead of cyber threats. This will enable the IT department to secure the systems better and protect the systems from the ever present threat of hacking that can cause extensive damages to the entire system.

In case you need to take charge of your internet security as company by carrying out penetration testing in Washington DC, Deci Digital offers the best web application security services and expertise that will enable any company to fortify its cyber security and prevent potential hacks from the inside and out.