PPC Marketing Tysons

PPC Marketing Tysons

Businesses need marketing to be able to survive.  You need to be able to go beyond what your competition has to offer and convince your clients and customers that you’re the best people for the job.  So a proper marketing strategy is very important especially if you run your business online.

As more and more people find themselves online, marketing your product or service is no longer limited to mediums such as print media, radio or TV.  In order to catch a wider audience you need to be smart and strategic with how you market on the internet.  You need to consider who your audience is, what channels you will use to market online and make sure to be ready to change strategies in a moment’s notice.  This are all important in digital marketing.

Pay-Per-Click Marketing

One strategy for online or digital marketing is what we call pay-per-click marketing or commonly known as PPC Marketing.  This is definitely a strategy many companies use to attract the attention of potential customers and clients and can easily allow a business or a company earn hundreds or thousands of dollars just by increasing their reach through this method. But before we begin I guess we need to first understand what PPC is and how it works online.

What is PPC?

Pay-per-click marketing or PPC is a strategy by which companies create ads for themselves that can appear on various websites or search engines to increase their network reach.  Companies use specific key words so that their business site will appear after doing a search that is related to the indicated keyword.  For example, I am in the business of selling toys and collectibles.  So I could set the keyword for my PPC marketing strategy to “toys” and “collectibles” and whenever someone searches for those keywords, my ads would appear.

Of course this service is not free and there is an associated charge for this kind of marketing.  In most cases, the search engine company (such as Google) will charge you for every person that searches for those keywords and actually clicks on the targeted ads.  This is why it’s called pay-per-click marketing, as you literally have to pay for every click a potential customer makes.

Isn’t this expensive?  Generally speaking, it can be expensive which is why you have to strategize if this is the right model for you.  However, this marketing strategy can be very effective if you’re able to convert those sales leads into actual sales.  Paying $3.00 for a click that causes that customer to purchase a product or service from you that is worth $300 has already more than paid for itself.  This may seem like an oversimplification, but I believe you catch my drift.

Google Adwords

Now unless you’ve been hiding under the rock and still think that Altavista is still the most popular search engine on the internet, you know that Google is the company that is most trusted by people when it comes to doing searches online.  One service feature they offer is Google Adwords and it is considered the single most popular PPC system in the world.  If you are looking to ensure that your site comes up in every search especially with the keywords you are looking for, then this is probably the best solution for your company.

The PPC Model is not for everyone. However, if you are looking to drum up a lot of business and you have a high rate of converting sales leads to actual sales, then you may want to try this model for your business as well.


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