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Web Development, Software Development, Mobile Application Development, Application Security Services


AboutThe Client

Potomac Kitchen & Bath has been serving the greater Northern Virginia area for over 25 years. Their primary goal is to offer the highest level of quality and customer service at an affordable price. They have become the premiere contractors in the area thanks to their top-notch workmanship and emphasis on customer satisfaction. Potomac Kitchen & Bath specializes in all aspects of the home remodeling process, including not just bathroom and kitchen remodeling but total home renovations. Whatever you want done to improve your home, this is a company that you can count on to get the job done.

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About The Job

We provided Potomac Kitchen & Bath with a variety of different services that were needed to help take their business to the next level. One thing that we did for this company was handle web development for them. This encompasses everything that is needed to create a website with the exception of web design. Here, we created a fully functional and easy to use website that customers can use to easily access any information that they are looking for on this website. This is something that can have an impact on your search engine rankings.

We also worked with their mobile app, by offering our mobile application development and application security service. Mobile apps are the big thing in business today, giving customers the convenience that they want right at their fingertips. This app was designed to specifically meet Potomac Kitchens & Bath’s needs, optimized to be fast and easy to use. The app has a clean and sleek design to it that makes it visually appealing in addition to having amazing functionality. It is also very important that these applications are created are as secure as possible, so we also monitor to make sure that this app is as secure as they get.

Our company was responsible for software development for this company as well. Cookie cutter software is not always good enough for every business. Having software that specifically addresses the individual needs of your company is crucial to your business. This can even be a more cost-effective solution because you are only paying for the functions that you need, rather than purchasing several different software that you only use some of. This software helps Potomac Kitchen & Bath work more efficiently.

In order to individualize these services specifically to this company, we worked very closely with them. We listened to what they were looking for and what goals that they wanted to achieve through working with us. This close working relationship that we have with our clients helps us to ensure that they get exactly what they are looking for. If they have any concerns or thoughts along the way, we work through them with the client until they are satisfied with results. Much like Potomac Kitchen & Bath, we are a company with highly trained staff that puts our customers first.