In Stock Vanity

Inventory Management Software, Mobile Application, Custom E-Commerce Platform, Web Design, and Logo & Brand Identity Design


AboutThe Client

Based in the United States, In Stock Vanity is a store that may be best known for their e-Commerce site but they also have 6 brick and mortar locations across the country. This company originally opened in 2004 in New Jersey and originally began solely as an online site before they began their expansion. Their primary concentration is bathroom vanities, as well as many other products and services such as sinks, faucets, and other aspects of bathroom decorating. In Stock Vanity is known for being an affordable option while also being a leader in innovation in this industry.

In Stock Vanity is a company that puts customer satisfaction as their top priority. They offer the best rates and deliver their products on time. This is why they needed a company that could help them get their brand out there for everyone to discovery why they are leaders in their industry. You can be the best but people will not discover you if your website is not optimized.

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About The Job

In Stock Vanity needed a web design that would perfectly represent their company, as well as a solid logo and brand identity design. The benefit of one company doing both of these aspects of marketing is because you need a cohesive look to raise your brand awareness. We created a design for their logo, brand, and website that is as sophisticated as their work is. It is very clean and simple while displaying the elegance of this brand. Black and white was a perfect backdrop for this website, giving the best opportunity to really make the pictures of their work stand out.

As part of this new website that we designed, we also made a custom e-commerce platform that was made for their individual needs. By creating a platform that was easy to use and secure, In Stock Vanity could be sure that their customers were taken care of. As part of this, we created an inventory management system that properly conveys what is in stock and what needs to be ordered so customers can get the products that they want when they want it.

Lastly, we worked to provide this company with the best mobile app for them. Customers love having access to companies right at their fingertips. Mobile application are one of the best ways to attract customers to your company because they can check out items that they want no matter where they are. We created a clean and easy to use mobile app that offers their customers the convenience that they are looking for.

These are all marketing and website solutions that In Stock Vanity needed to improve their business. We spent a lot of time researching the needs of this company and developing the plan that was going to be perfect for their needs. Websites and marketing can be a complex task, but not for us.