Regal Iron Doors

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AboutThe Client


Regal Iron Doors is a retailer of high end residential iron doors based in Virginia. They wanted to offer their products to people all over the country, so were looking to expand into online sales. In order to do this successfully, Regal Iron Doors needed a corporate identity and logo and a utilitarian, yet elegant website designed for them. And once they had that site, they needed to ensure they received the greatest possible return on their investment by using every available tool we have in our arsenal.

The idea for an ecommerce came to Regal Iron doors when they noticed a growing demand for their product at their three locations in Mclean, VA, Columbia, MD and Missouri City, TX. They needed a professional website, corporate identity and logo, in addition to a comprehensive internet marketing campaign. However, they lacked the internal expertise necessary to complete a project of this magnitude, and hiring staff to design a website or manage an internet marketing campaign can become quite costly for a growing business.

Our team’s challenge was creating for Regal Iron Doors that would capture the essence of who they are and what they do in every aspect of this project while maintaining a clear vision of the big picture. Regal Iron Doors had an outstanding product line, and it was our job to help bring it to the world.


About The Job

Regal Iron Doors needed a corporate logo and identity that could tell the story of who they are. Their name says it all. Regal. They are a luxury company with a product that appeals to affluent consumers, so they needed to appeal to that type of customer. We created a logo all in black that uses a traditional, authoritative font and a crown graphic to reinforce the royal theme of the company’s name. We also crafted a corporate identity that would appeal to Regal Iron Door’s desired clientele. One of quality, reliability and convenience that would appeal to wealthier customers.

Their website had to parallel the refinement of their clientele and highlight the convivence of their service. We chose a sophisticated color palate of black white and gray with hints of gold highlights. The home page features a screen width scrolling image of large, beautiful homes with Regal’s iron doors front and center. Our team also included a custom door design tool and an online checkout for for their customers’ convenience.

We also came up with an excellent online marketing strategy for, including search engine optimization, pay per click marketing and a social media campaign, which we continue to manage for them. This means that our team constantly researches market trends relevant to our client’s industry and generates exciting, high quality content intended to grab the attention of our client’s target audience. Using elements like a blog page, Google AdWords, and regular social media posts, we have helped the naissance Regal Iron Doors online brand..