In Stock Today Cabinets

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AboutThe Client

In Stock Today Cabinets is a same day retailer of kitchen and bathroom cabinets in the Washington DC area. They have partnered with Fabuwood to offer DC locals beautiful cabinetry that’s ready for delivery the same day you order. Coordinating deliveries for a remodel with contractors’ schedules and your own life can end up creating a major headache and draw out the remodeling process. However, with In Stock Today’s unique service, their customers can now order cabinets to suit any kitchen or bathroom the very day they are ready to receive them.

Not only does In Stock Today Cabinets offer these premium cabinets to customers looking to do their homes, they offer many benefits to contractors and commercial clients as well. By selling ready-made yet fashionable kitchen and bathroom cabinets, In Stock Today fills a large gap in the market. All they needed was a killer website to complement their outstanding business model.

They came to us looking for a website design that would accommodate the details they wanted to highlight within their product line and their customer centric values. Anything we would design for In Stock Today would have to present a great deal of images to the viewer without completely bombarding the senses. That was our challenge with this client; providing a design that could handle a large volume of information and options in a streamlined and effective package.


About The Job

Our team needed to craft a website that would showcase In Stock Today Cabinets’ impressive stock of ready to install cabinetry and finish options in a user-friendly environment. It also needed to be simple enough to walk a customer through step by step when discussing the perfect options over the phone, and include images of just the right size to show a cabinet’s quality and detail on any size screen.

We selected a style that uses a menu that drops down suddenly as you drag the cursor over it and animations that iris in when a new page loads to highlight the rapid nature of In Stock Today’s business. We also went with a simple grid layout in order to mimic the clean lines of the products to be featured on the website. In Stock Today Cabinets also wanted to host a blog about their business and relevant industry news, so we crafted a unique blog page that the client could easily upload their content to in the future.

The colors we decided on match In Stock Today Cabinets’ existing logo; orange, black and white. We also added accents of brown and gold to highlight the client’s partnership with Faubwood, along with strategic placement of Faubwood’s logo as well. We went with a font that contrasts with the client’s logo, something less angular but still possessing clean lines. The glaring exception was our use of a bold font for product page titles and subheaders. In the end, we designed a website that reflects the clients core standards; speed, quality and reliability in an exciting and modern package.