Deluxe Kitchen & Bath

Logo & Brand Identity


AboutThe Client

Deluxe Kitchen & Bath is a full-service kitchen and bathroom design and remodeling company located in Maryland. Serving the Washington DC metro area for decades, they lacked the web presence necessary to bring their business into the new millennium. Building an online presence requires a professional looking website and memorable corporate logo. That’s where we come in. would have to be sophisticated and user friendly to properly tell the story of the company’s beautiful custom kitchen and bath options to consumers.

The metro DC area is packed with people from all over the world, with all kinds of tastes. Any work we would do for them would have to be able to catch the attention of people from many different cultures with a clean minimal style and easy to follow links, and carefully chosen images and content. Looking at the target demographic for Deluxe, we saw a clientele looking for the latest in kitchen and bath design, are somewhat affluent and do not have a lot of spare time. In order to drive new business, this website and logo would have to convey superior quality and taste. With this client, less would be more.

The core value Deluxe stands for is customer service. This means removing any headaches for the consumer and making the renovation process as easy as possible by having great products, unparalleled quality, simple procedures and excellent communication with clients. Anything we crafted for Deluxe would have to coincide with those values, therefore must be functional, attractive and to the point.


About The Job

The logo we designed for Deluxe ideally suits their image of modern sophistication. We chose gold for the logo design because of its association with high class luxury and quality, and a flowing script for the company name, which implies their traditional customer-centric values. The outline of the house was intentionally left incomplete, suggesting that the services that Deluxe provides can make your home complete.

The web design would need to portray the high-quality products and value added benefits of choosing Deluxe Kitchen & Bath for a remodeling project. We would need to create a site focusing on images of Deluxe’s previous remodels and positive customer experiences to hold the attention of Washington DC’s fickle and worldly residents. The layout utilizes negative space in a manner that draws the eye directly to the relevant content on each page. All options are easy to find and navigate, and each page directs potential customers to the site’s ultimate goal, which is contacting Deluxe Kitchen & Bath directly for more information.

We chose a largely neutral color palate for this project to showcase the client’s taste level. A pop of chic burnt orange against a backdrop of gray, black and white illustrates Deluxe Kitchen & Bath’s elegant and contemporary approach to interior design. The orange text immediately draws the eye to the most important information on each page; the header and company contact information, while the muted background colors leave the imagination open to all the possibilities offered by Deluxe Kitchen & Bath’s product options and interior design services.