Chefs Deal Restaurant Equipment

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AboutThe Client

Chef’s Deal Restaurant Equipment is an online restaurant supplier with an impressive offering of products available on their website. They are based in Nashville, but sell to restaurants all over the country through their online store. Chef’s Deal already had a well-designed website, but wanted to see more business being generated by their investment. For this client, the project would be all about improving the website’s existing content to maximize the number of visitors, and updating their marketing strategy to drive traffic to the site.

The Chef’s Deal website is simple to navigate and well organized, but the best site in the world won’t help your business if you’re on page 20 of a Google search. Any work we would do for Chef’s Deal would have to focus on improving search engine rankings for a variety of keywords relevant to the restaurant equipment industry in order to get their site into the top results during an internet search.

SEO is not the only piece of a successful internet marketing strategy, however. Chef’s Deal was underutilizing pay per click marketing as well. Services like Google AdWords can be invaluable in the effort to drive traffic to your website. And while they may be expensive, they are worth every penny to a large company like Chef’s Deal that is not seeing enough of a return on investment from their website. That’s where we came into the picture; a stellar website not living up to its full potential in need of a new and thoughtful marketing strategy.


About The Job

To successfully maximize SEO for this client, we had to research potential customers of the Chef’s Deal website. What would they be searching for when they might visit a website selling restaurant equipment? In this case, the target audience was restaurant business owners in need of new or used kitchen equipment and restaurant furniture. That meant Chef’s Deal’s website needed to focus on keywords like restaurant, equipment, supplies, furniture and sales in various combinations to catch the attention of search engine algorithms and improve rankings. Simple things like altering the Chef’s Deal website’s slug to feature the chosen keywords helped improve the site’s overall SEO score.

Chef’s Deal also wanted help implementing a pay per click marketing campaign. Resources like Google AdWords can prove invaluable to companies like our client, but maximizing online exposure can be tricky for the inexperienced. Luckily, our team was up to the challenge. Choosing which sites to advertise on can be an arduous process and requires extensive knowledge of market trends and the online shopping habits of the target demographic. Chef’s Deal presented a unique challenge in that their customer is so specific. Not many people buy restaurant equipment on a whim, but many restaurant owners might need to replace a crucial piece of equipment on a moment’s notice. Because of this, we crafted an AdWords campaign that would make the Chef’s Deal website very easy to find when time is of the essence.