Web Design – Logo & Brand Identity


AboutThe Client

ARCG Inc, or Alpha Royale Commercial Group is a full service commercial real estate firm in the Washington DC area. They offer a wide array of services, everything from sales and leasing, to investment, property management and project development, to market research, risk management and business valuation. This commercial real estate powerhouse needed a logo, corporate identity and website designed that would equal their impressive business acumen and experience, and create a formidable web presence in turn.

With 45 years combined experience in the commercial real estate industry, ARCG brings traditional services to their clients with a fresh approach. By focusing on accessibility, transparency and value added service, they have managed to create a well thought out business model with exceptional potential for future growth. Anything we would create for ARCG would have to reflect that potential with meticulous attention to detail and a straightforward, no nonsense presentation.

ARCG INC’s target demographic is a time strapped commercial real estate mogul who needs an all in one solution, but may not realize that one exists within their reach. However, their multidisciplinary approach to real estate and commitment to sustainable practices is sure to attract all kinds of clientele. All they needed were the final pieces of the puzzle; the perfect image and branding that would take them to the next level. That’s where we entered the picture, and our team was ready for the challenge.


About The Job

In order to shape the ideal corporate identity for ARCG INC, our team had to get to know their team. Their impressive variety of industry experience and knowledge led us to create a corporate identity based around that high level of skill and proficiency. Now, when people think of ARCG they think of the reliability and wisdom that comes after working in commercial real estate for many years.

Our logo for ARCG INC needed to reflect the corporate identity and core values of the company, traditional, yet with eyes to the future. The A and R are encompassed by the C and G, signifying the partnership between ARCG and its clients. Each letter pair melds together, representing ARCG’s all-inclusive services. We decided on red, white and blue for the logo’s colors to give the logo a more traditional feel in contrast with the contemporary fonts.

For the website, we chose images of powerful architecture for the home page to offset the minimalist presentation on the remainder of the site. We wanted the ARCG story told in an easily digestible and concise manner that would help put them on the map. The color scheme needed to be unassuming and urbane, so we went with a traditional four color palate of gray, black, white and gold for Similarly, the site’s layout had to be equally simplistic to complete the package. All information is presented in a well-organized, orderly design that emphasizes ARCG INC’s straightforward approach to all facets of commercial real estate.