Mobile Marketing

Mobile Marketing

The cell phone has become a life line for us in this age of technology. It’s easier to reach someone through a text message than a phone call, email or even a private message on social media. So when you need to bring your advertisement to as many people as possible its best to put it in the easiest place possible, in their pocket. Through SMS marketing or Short Message Services marketing, businesses are reaching out to patrons like never before. By implementing SMS into your marketing plan you could be bringing sales opportunities to a whole new level.

So what should you even say in your text message? How does this even work? Mobile Marketing isn’t as complex as one would think. In order to implement SMS Marketing you will have to go through a few steps. The first is to decide what you are needing to convey. You could be selling a product, supporting a political or religious idea or asking for the reader to take part of an action like donating. Once you have what you want to be said set, it’s time to utilize a system that can get the message out there. There are three types of SMS campaigning; bulk messaging, keyword response, and smart texting.

The purpose of bulk messaging is explained in its title, it simply means sending out the same message to a large amount of people. Do keep in mind that with bulk messaging you will need to already have a list of willing contacts or at least a way for the contacts to opt out of receiving messages from you. Key word messaging has the same idea as bulk messaging but with each message there is an automatic option to reply. This option is most commonly known for means of donation for disaster relief, you have probably been on the receiving end of a key word messaging system plenty of times. Smart texting on the other hand is the most sophisticated system out of the three. Smart texting is like a more complex keyword messaging where it can ask for more information from a user, at least more than one word. The system can also take in queries from the user and respond with an answer. This type of response is used usually to help report actions to law enforcement or connect users who need technical support.

After you have settled what type of system is best for you it’s important to maintain. If using a keyword or smart testing system your customer is expecting an immediate response if they have taken the time to respond to your ad. As a business or organization each action you make is either building and degrading your reputation, that includes something as simple as responding to text. So always have an employee or volunteer designated to the role of mobile marketing director. With someone always there to respond to customers and thinking of new messages to send out, you will thrive with your message easily reaching so many people. Do keep in mind to keep your messages easy to read and your updates at a frequent but not overbearing pace. If you become heavy handed with updates your customers will opt out of the SMS advertisements and be turned off from your message or product. Try to schedule an update message for each week so you are a constant point in your customer’s life but not a nuisance.

Bring your message to the masses with just a click or tap of a button. Look into mobile marketing and see what system is best for you.