Internet Marketing in Washington DC

Internet Marketing in Washington DC

Marketing is an important portion of any business.  Good marketing can make or break a business so it’s important to choose the right tactic and strategy when it comes to creating an awareness of your business.  Traditional marketing tools have often used print, radio and TV as ways to create that awareness and attention to your business and therefore generate leads.

Any self-respecting business will make sure to have at least print media as a marketing tool by printing brochures and flyers.  They can then be distributed in different events, conferences or in business meetings that can help generate leads and drum up awareness and attention for a business.  However, a new channel has emerged where any business has to capitalize.  This is the internet.


Marketing on the Internet

The internet is a media channel that has the widest reach compared to any other media.  You can reach a world-wide audience over the internet which means you can really market not just in your local Washington, DC or even just in the US but the rest of the world.  If you have a product or service that everyone can use regardless of where you are in the world, then the internet is the place to be.

The great thing about internet marketing, or also often known as digital marketing, is that it allows you to use the internet to generate awareness and sales leads for your business, regardless of where they are in the world.  Unlike traditional print, radio and TV media which has limited reach and coverage, the internet is limitless and can get your business viral easily with the right tactics and tools.


Tactics and Tools

Email Marketing

If you ever receive mail, you know that you will receive marketing materials to your address on a regular basis.  You may get flyers, brochures and other marketing materials through the local mail which can allow you to become aware of a business existence and the products and services they provide.  The problem, however, with this kind of marketing is that sending mail has associated costs from the printing of the material to actually sending the materials.  Through email marketing, you can simply send an email to your prospective clients and advertise your services.  This does not cost you anything in terms of actual cost.  All you need is an existing internet service and an eye for design and you can use email as a way to attract attention and generate leads.  There is no cost in sending the materials and there are no direct costs in actually generating and designing your content.


Social Media Marketing

Another way to use the internet in marketing and advertising is through different social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.  These platforms allow people to view your activities online and by advertising and marketing online you can generate business leads by attracting the attention of people or businesses that you would normally not get the chance to even interact or engage with.  This is definitely the power of Social Media today as you can easily post and even reshare materials giving the opportunity for marketing collaterals get distributed without having to make the actual physical effort.

If you are in the marketing industry or a business owner that needs to drum up business, then you need to get online and start marketing over the internet.