Internet Marketing in DC

Internet Marketing in DC

The old way of advertising and marketing your business in the DC area would consist of handing out flyers, paying exorbitant amounts to get your advert printed on a billboard or in a glossy magazine. Or maybe just hoping that word of your fantastic, yet unknown, business would spread like wildfire via word of mouth.



The problem with these methods is that they are very hit or miss:

  • How many people threw your flyer straight in the bin once you were out of sight?
  • You might know how many people, roughly, will have seen or walked past your billboard, but how many actually stood there and took it all in? How many actually received your message?
  • Word of mouth will always be great for spreading brand awareness, but it’s not strictly a marketing tool; it’s something that you cannot control or track and is essentially just wishful thinking and sitting back hopeful with your fingers crossed.
  • Magazines sales and readers are dropping rapidly by the day. No-one reads magazines anymore.
  • And ultimately, all these once tried and tested methods are dated and just simply inefficient in today’s business world.



In today’s world, Internet Marketing is the main tool, or tools, of the trade that will get your Washington DC business out of the darkness and straight into everyone’s consciousness.


The person you would once have handed a flyer to or hoped that they would stop and take notice of that expensive billboard ad is almost certainly connected to the internet 24/7.

Whether they’re using a laptop or they’re surfing the web on the phone/tablet, etc.



Internet Marketing encompasses many different facets:

  • Search Engine Optimization, or SEO, allows your website and social media platforms to flood the top pages of Google. Studies show that most people don’t really go beyond the first or seconds pages of Google when they’re looking for something. SEO will get you seen where it matters.


  • PPC advertising is basically the evolved form of magazine adverts. But instead of your ad appearing in out of date magazines, they’ll appear on popular websites like Facebook, Twitter, etc. People might not be reading magazines but they are definitely spending their time browsing through these sites.



  • Which brings us to Social Media Marketing. This is marketing specifically geared towards making your business and brand show up on the big social media websites that everyone is using these days. It’s a fantastic way to make people aware of your brand, advertise special limited time deals that you have going on and also just to generally interact with your growing clientele. Trust us when we say that your customers will appreciate the extra effort you take to interact with them. It makes your brand much more human and generally more inviting, rather than the many mindless, faceless corporations that little the Washington DC area.



These are only a few of the many techniques and areas that make up Internet Marketing.

Technology twists and changes faster and faster with every passing year, and Internet Marketing is no different. The tools you have to use evolve and the landscape is always changing, so you have to keep your finger on the pulse to keep your Washington DC business afloat in this new Internet driven world.