Importance of Cyber Security

Importance of Cyber Security

Look no further than Deci Digital for all your Cyber Security Services in Washington DC. With 100% satisfaction from its clients, you know you are making the right choice. Here are a few reasons why Cyber Security is important and why you should hire firms that are reputable in delivering cyber security services:

  • The Internet of Things (IoT)

You may or may not have heard this term before but if your gadget is connected to WiFi, then you have created your very own IoT. Devices and gadgets are increasingly interacting with each other via the internet, which is basically what IoT means, that is, when devices are synced to the internet. We all do this but what we do not realize is that we are making it very convenient for cyber criminals to access our information. Companies have devices that are connected to the internet every day, and firewalls offer some protection. However, you should have a more robust security plan in place and hiring Deci Digital for your Cyber Security Services in Washington DC can offer you ease of mind in keeping your data secured.

  • Fully Mobile Internet World

More and more devices connect to the Internet, and the average person spend more than 5 hours a day looking at their phone screens, sending and receiving files, pictures, videos and every possible aspect that could be transferred. Imagine the amount of information stored on your office network that could be easily transferred to mobile technology and shared with the world. You would need to secure your data from having it fall into the hands of malicious people who can destroy your company or cost you more in the long run. Deci Digital Cyber Security Services in Washington DC would ensure that your data is protected when transferring sensitive data over the Internet.

  • Company Data Online

Most companies are allowing employees to work remotely or some of their applications are accessed via the web. In any event, company data is being increasingly shared over cloud technology, which, if open for all, can have drastic, damaging effects on your company. In choosing third-party providers, you need to ensure that they are reputable and knowledgeable with what they do. It is good practice to ensure that whichever company you hire, the minimum requirements for cyber security protection would include endpoint protection, web filtering software, intrusion detection/prevention system, firewall, radius server, encryption and logging software.

Contact Deci Digital for Cyber Security Services in Washington DC to consult and customize plans to suit your business needs. Recent trends have proven that social engineering is just as dangerous and can take place by clicking on a link on a site or from an email. Do not wait until your data has already been compromised. Create a sustainable business by taking cyber security seriously and protect your company from the array of devices that are constantly being connected through your companies’ network. Stay ahead of cyber threats through implementing preemptive measures to protect your business from a potential breach.