Affordable SIEM Solutions

Affordable SIEM Solutions

Security Information and Event Management (SIEM) Solutions are expensive because of the wide range of services that need to be protected. We at Deci Digital, offer affordable SIEM solutions to our clients because we know how to decipher what your business needs. Here are some of the benefits to using our SIEM solutions:

Improved support services to reflect the changing customer environment

Increased scope of data security with our intelligence gather services

Easier detection of various activities as well as unusual levels

Detection of increased activity for multidimensional user access activity

Your business can optimize its budget options which are allocated for hardware acquisition

It places more leverage on the present hardware investments and the maintenance contracts

Automation of the collection, analyses and delivery of Compliance evidence

Time is saved because there would be no need to make customized reports

Reporting is easier because the compliance standards are set

Additionally, some of the features of the affordable SIEM solutions offered by Deci Digital are outlined below:

Regulatory investigations and performance of forensic analysis on security incidents of massive archives of the log data

Detailed and summarized reports are provided at regular intervals

Log Data is collected, stored and protected efficiently in a secured, non-normalized and non-filtered manner

Establishment of baseline levels of activities that is defined as normal for the complete IT operation

Detection of unusual levels of various activities

Detection of deviation with set baseline levels of activity and complex patterns for possible malicious activity on multiple devices

Automated tools to correct, record and escalate systems that are also being monitored for issues.

Most companies would sell you services that you do not need, thus skyrocketing the cost of your SIEM solution. At Deci Digital, we ensure that you receive affordable SIEM solutions that are tailored for benefiting your business. You would receive IT compliance reporting, threat intelligence, active response, USB device monitoring, real-time correlation and advanced search and forensic analysis, to name a few.

SIEM solutions are necessary if you value your business. As technology is increasing in capability, so too are the threats to company data, both external and internal to any organisation. The affordable SIEM solutions at Deci Digital would give you a ‘birds eye view’ of your defense system and provide you with mechanisms that you need to implement. Our SIEM platforms are designed to simultaneously prevent attacks and produce a litany of security data reports. This way, you can prevent security breaches before they occur by constantly making improvements to your defense systems.

Don’t let your company suffer from financial loss due to a lack of security defense infrastructure. Investing in our SIEM solutions lowers your chances of experiencing security issues because your data is constantly being monitored and analyzed both proactively and reactively. SIEM log reports and analysis are important for empowering security analysts to make informed decisions on activity that would not impact the integrity of your business. By itself, SIEM is not a security control or detection mechanism, it simply aids the defense system technologies into becoming more effective.