SIEM As A Service

SIEM As A Service

You have probably heard of term SIEM before. The acronym that stands for security information and event management is a new standard when it comes  to securing the systems that your company owns and depends on.

More and more people are looking to add a SIEM platform to their organisations. It takes more than just a few management personnel and system operators to oversee what is mostly the core of the company. You may need a entire platform depending on your company size. Some may opt to have an on-site SIEM system.

Most companies or organizations which require a SIEM deployment will have to choose between two options. To have a SIEM system built and maintained on premises to use or to hire an outside source in order to cater to their security needs. In the latter, the company that is outsourced will provide a SIEM model that will be used by the organization. The service provider in this scenario would take on most of responsibilities that come with a SIEM platform.

So how is SIEM different as a service you may wonder. Well, for most companies it would be pretty hard to get the funding required to build their own SIEM. This explains why it is easier to just hire from an outside source. If a company chooses this route then they are only responsible for the use of the security deposit and the content development within this platform. Most of the responsibilities will be shifted to the service provider. Therefore making it easier on the customer.

Not only are responsibilities shifted to the service provider but in most cases so are the financial obligations. Most of the startup capital is on the service provider. They have to come up with the systems in place for them to start the SIEM. It may take a lot of capital to establish this platform and it is obvious how this expense could be too much for a small start up. This infrastructure is being outsourced and therefore way cheaper than building an entire SIEM service by yourself.

At DeciDigital we like to think we can help you overcome the burden of starting an entire platform and maintaining it by providing the services for you. Many times it is important to have the right mechanisms in place to protect yourself but that does not always mean that you have to build everything up by yourself. You can enjoy the services without the extra cost by hiring is today.

For companies that are looking to have very defined or preempted expenses then this is the way forward. Having to pay for maintenance by specialists mid budget can be nerve racking and disturbing to the accountants and management.

This is why SIE M is projected to grow at a 15% increment to cover 20% of the market when it comes to securing information. Most companies will label SIEM as a service product because anything linked to the system.